I am Larry Wells. I have been a member of Rockwall Radio Control Sport Flyers since 1986. I began my RC adventure by soloing in 1976. During my time in the club, I have held every office, most more than once! I was one of the first instructors in the club. Although I prefer mid-size, glow powered sport planes, I also own small scale, medium scale, and electric models. I retired from AT&T Bell Labs (Lucent) after 33 years in 1996. Since then I have been a web hosting System Engineer, a Census Worker, a teacher at Eastfield Community College, and now am a Computer Sales and Service company.

Vice President

Roy Allen is now the VP. Updated profile coming soon…Treasurer



Hello, my name is John Barnett. I have been a member of the club for seven years, and the club’s treasurer for the last 5 years. After I joined the club, I had the support of two instructors to learn how to fly. I was successful in the training, and soon soloed. I have had fun flying a variety of glow engine and electric powered RC sport aircraft.
Prior to retirement I served for 15 years as a manager in L-3 Communications, Greenville, TX division. Before that I served for 30 years in the U.S Army, retiring with the rank of Colonel. My education includes a BS in Chemistry from Texas A&I University, and an MBA, University of Texas.
The RC aircraft sport is challenging, and a lot of fun. The club members support each other, provide technical information, and are just all around good people to be around. If you have any questions, please contact us. You can also do what I did- just drive to the flying field, and check us out. You won’t be sorry!! I look forward to meeting you.




I’m Bob Leserve. I’ve been building and flying model airplanes for as long as I can remember. I have experience with gliders, rubber powered models, control line and finally radio control. My first solo flight was in 1973. I was out of radio control for a while and felt confident enough to solo again in 1985. I’ve been flying ever since. I’ve competed in Combat events, Pattern competitions and Scale contests along the way. Most of the flying I’ve done took place in Lubbock, TX. I moved to Dallas in 1997 and settled in Rockwall in 1999 when I chose to join the Rockwall RC Sport Flyers. Although I really enjoy building and flying scale models, turbine powered aircraft have taken over my life.

Webmaster/Program Director



Hello, my name is Nicholas Helge. I have been in the club since 2008 and love to fly sport fliers and scale. I have flown many types of planes as well as crashed a few. I have just recently started exploring foamies and 3D flight. I really enjoy building airplanes almost as much as I like flying. I have had some experience with Helicopters but they can be tricky. I have served as field marshal, webmaster and now Program Director. Now that I am program director I look forward in interacting with the club on a all new level.


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