Jets tend to be very expensive and commonly use a micro turbine or ducted fan to power them.  Most airframes are constructed from fiber glass and carbon fiber.  Inside the aircraft, wooden spars reinforce the body to make a rigid airframe .  They also have kevlar fuel tanks for the Jet A fuel that they run on.

Most micro turbines start with propane, burn for a few seconds before introducing the jet fuel by solenoid.  These aircraft can often reach speeds in excess of 200 mph.  They require incredibly quick reflexes and very expensive equipment, so are usually reserved for the expert.

The FAA heavily regulates flying of such aircraft to only approved AMA (Academy of Model Aeronautics) sites, in where certified turbine pilots may fly.  Also, the AMA requires model aviation enthusiasts who wish to operate miniature gas turbine powered RC model aircraft, to be certified in the operation of the type of gas turbine engine, and all aspects of safety in operating such a turbine-powered model aircraft, that they need to know in flying their model.  Some military bases allow such high tech aircraft to fly within limited airspace such as Kaneohe Marine base in Hawaii, and Whidbey Island NAS in Washington State.

An average turbine aircraft will cost between $600-$10,000 with more than $20,000 all-up becoming more common.  The average microturbine will cost between $2500 and $5000 depending on engine output.  Smaller turbines put out about 12 lbf (53 N) of thrust,  while larger microturbines can put out as much as 45 lbf (200 N) of thrust.

Radio control jets require an on board FADEC (Full Authority Digital Engine Control) controller, this controls the turbine, just like a larger turbine.  RC Jets also require electrical power.  Most have a LIPO (Lithium Polymer pack) at 8-12 volts that control the FADEC.  There is also a LIPO for the onboard servos that control ailerons, elevator, rudder, flaps and landing gear.  The Federal Government has recently prohibited such use of RC Jets in urban areas (2006).

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The jet flown in this video was designed and manufacturerd by Laser Design Services, which is owned and operated by two Rockwall RC Sport Flyers members!

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